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We are group of creative people who excogitate any technology-based project for your business and personal use. We have the expertise, proven methodologies, and tools to improve performance and deliver optimal business results. With the most complete end-to-end portfolio of design, engineering, implementation and deployment solutions ever assembled, Excogitatech empowers you with the interoperability, flexibility, and product customisation you need to take on your digital transformation and improve operational efficiency. We will excogitate your tech solution appropriately.

What We Do

We’ve got everything you need to digitalize and grow your business


We are experts in coding - that's a fact. Our engineers will deliver you of the best solutions for your need. As a result, the products we develop are carefully designed with end users in mind and brought to life with well-written code.


Applying Analog Circuit, Embedded System, or IoT technologies to manufacturing is reshaping the way businesses operate. By solving the toughest engineering challenges up front, we reduce complexity, eliminate redundancies, and shrink costs.


We provide the best services to help customers improve business growth with a guarantee of quality work, speed, accuracy and reliable. Build strategic partnerships and synergy with client and partners with the principle mutual benefit.


Whether you are an established business or a startup, ensuring you have a well thought out design plan in place, is vital to the success of your company. Through research and exploration, we will design a memorable things that you will be proud of.


Starting your own business may be quite challenging at first. Here in excogitatech, we could make the best unique branding out of your business. With our creative ideas and your amazing business, we're sure that more customers will soon recognize your brands. You would definitely hit the market.

and all the rest of it:)

We realize that we have diverse clients, ranging from business scale projects to basic day-to-day IT problems. Therefore, we also provide general IT services, such installing your operating system and troubleshooting your hardware problems. We intend to really help those in needs for IT solutions, regardless of their scale.

Our Technology

Excogitatech is proud and has been honored to use these technologies

Always love the result and it doesn't took so long to wait. You can request however you want. Their service overall is totally a-okay.

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Aini Lathifah Owner of @aimaskyou

Very satisfied with Excogitatech. The engineer finished the job as per my request all just within 2 days.

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Raden Fauzan CTO of Tiarahijabers

I'm satisfied by the service that Excogitatech offers. They finished the job within the due date that I gave em. Moreover, the engineer is also friendly and the result is as what I wanted.

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Budi Tedjasukmana IT Leader of Bogor Permai

Good Job! We got the solution that we need by using Excogitatech's service. It's easy to communicate with the engineer.

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Windha N. Owner of @basoaciwaklada & @type.officially

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